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That’s a wrap

For once, I’m not talking about mummies. This weekend marks the end of “The Conservator’s Art” exhibition here at the Hearst Museum. As the gallery residency ends, I’ll be heading back down to the basement to work on an upcoming collections move.  Over the next two years, the museum will be moving large portions of the collection into upgraded storage facilities and transforming the gallery into an improved exhibition, community engagement and learning space.

Now that “The Conservator’s Art” has wrapped up, future blog posts (about conservation, The Move, and all sorts of other things) will be appearing on the museum’s own website, here. (This is where you’ll soon be able to see another round of my blog posts from the conservation laboratory at the MVAP Poggio Colla excavation in Italy.)

Thanks to all of the amazing colleagues, visitors, and blog readers who made “The Conservator’s Art” such a wonderful experience!

PAHMA 6-20100

Croc mummy PAHMA 6-20100 says goodbye.

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